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Naw'Tem is the Klingon Defence Force sister fleet of Access Denied.

Naw'Tem means "Access Denied" in Klingon. We are a fully completed, max-level fleet focused on casual game play. Currently, our active player base exceeds 450 members, and we're always welcoming newcomers.

All inquiries regarding Naw'Tem should be directed to one of the staff officers below. They are authorized to speak on behalf of the Naw'Tem fleet. Please keep in mind that Naw'Tem staff are not necessarily staff for Access Denied. Some officers are in both fleets, but not all of them. For a list of Access Denied officers, please go here.

Fleet Commanders
The Fleet Commander is the top commanding officer in the fleet. They have full authority over all aspects of the fleet, and their word is final on all matters.
  • Dylankosh (@dylankosh) aka DK
  • Patty (@shawnypat) - Fleet Founder, Retired; only serves in emergency/advisory capacity at the request of current senior staff
First Officers
The First Officer is second-in-command in our fleet rank structure. They have full authority to act on behalf of the Fleet Commander when one is not present.
  • Tyrell (@postal638) aka Postal - Former Fleet Commander
  • Dagon (@truephoenyxxx) aka TPX
  • Androx (@Stu1701)
  • Rodak Volls (@buckmeister6789)
Staff Officers (SO)
Staff Officers are the primary officers of the fleet. Their job is shape fleet policy and ensure it is executed appropriately. They are also expected to handle any tasks assigned to them by the Fleet Admiral or First Officer. Staff Officers are typically individuals who have higher fleet and game awareness than Ambassadors.
  • Gokron (@tracer) or Moraf (@darocz) aka Sarot -Fleet Mentor
  • Dayne (@Trumpet18) - Admin Officer
  • Adobe (@adobster) - Admin Officer, Secondary Fleet Admin Officer, Event Officer
  • Marxon (@marx0n) - Admin Officer
  • Matthew (@mcromeo) - Educator
  • Selena (@Zdenka) aka Z - Personnel Officer
  • K Ran (@keeryth) - Recruiter
  • Taerys (@Maxajax2) - Educator
  • Tex (@luckyyahoo) - Admin Officer, Public Relations Officer, Event Officer
  • Sinnari (@sinnari) - Assets Officer
  • TBe (@bobnooniansingh) - Assets Officer
  • EigNogg (@taishojojo) - Personnel Officer
  • Kosst Amogen (@quistis2) - Recruiter
Ambassadors (Amb)
Ambassadors are the workforce of the officer staff. Their job is to assist our members, set up fleet events, and help the other officers as much as possible. They can answer questions, queue fleet projects, and assist with fleet bank assets.
  • Shaysyee (@kobogee) aka Rock
  • Ash (@Greyheart)
  • Einstein (@WarOftheWorlds)

Honorary Ambassadors
Honorary Ambassadors are the officers who has served the fleets exceptionaly well and has entered Honorary status in the fleet. They are the senior officers that has entered more or less a semi retirement status
  • Butter-Face (@poppanut) aka Hunter - Former Fleet Commander
  • Dysnomia (@StarTrekker69) aka Doc - Former First Officer
  • Daiose (@daiose) - - Former First Officer
  • Arturinn (@sebastianpierce) aka Truelight
  • Elywaer (@elywaer)
  • B'Sha (@capbash) - - Former First Officer
  • Volcano (@bobschmalli) - - Former First Officer
  • Rainy Lake (@Trumpet18)
Ambassador to the Fleets
These are the officers who are promoted for strictly Diplomatic purposes. These officers are trusted officers/leaders of other fleets or sister fleets who engages AD and NT on a daily basis
  • Currently Vacent

Staff Positions
Every Staff Officer (SO) must hold at least one Staff Position, which is a "department". A list of these Positions and Departments and the SOs that occupy them is available here. For descriptions of what each Staff Position covers, please visit our Fleet Ranks page. These Departments are jointly operated by the staffs of Access Denied and Naw'Tem. For the function of these departments each fleet has atleast one designated officer. To view the SO listing Visit the Access Denied's Officer Page


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03/23/2019 12:38
The Empress in Discovery has me in tears rite now LOL that woman is THA DEVIL IN HEELS!!

03/23/2019 04:58
Less than 24 hours left for Tacoma https://www.rockp.

03/21/2019 11:06
I have placed discovery on my probation list!

03/21/2019 11:04
Well... my theory was very close. But they surprised me.

03/21/2019 09:23
Tacoma and Oxenfree are free, get them quick. https://www.rockp.

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