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» Fleet Policies

Fleet Policies

Code of Conduct

Please visit our Code of Conduct page.

Fleet Bank

The fleet bank is available for all of our members to use. The following applies to all four AD/NT fleet banks.

Bank Permissions - The bank permissions change from time to time as we evaluate the needs of the fleet. Members are permitted to withdraw from most tabs in the bank. Only fleet officers can withdraw from the Depository and Party/Event Prizes tabs for security reasons. If you need something from the bank that you can’t withdraw, ask one of the officers for help (this does not apply to anything in the Party/Events Prizes tabs). The bank is there for everyone to use and you can ask for just about anything you see in it, within reason. Staff officers have the right to decline a withdraw request for any reason except discriminatory ground. Exceptionally rare or valuable items will often be set aside in the Party/Event Prizes tabs to be used as prizes for future fleet events such as parties or contests. Energy credits are NEVER withdrawn for any single member; they are use for other purposes, such as buying prizes for fleet giveaways/events.

Bank Limits - Daily withdraw limits are set on each bank tab for security reasons, but officially there is no limit to what members can ask for in the bank. If you’ve reached your daily limit, but there’s still an item in the bank that you just have to have, feel free to ask an Officer to withdraw it for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple items if you really need them, as long as you’re actually going to use them. As stated above, officers have the right to deny withdraw requests if they see fit to do so. We ask that members only withdraw what they need so that everyone can enjoy the privilege of having a fleet bank. Taking items from the bank for the purpose of just selling them for personal profit is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal if discovered.

Prohibited Items
  • Tribbles - Due to the fact that tribbles can consume food items and multiply we ask that you limit your deposits of them to Very Rare (Purple) tribbles.
  • Common (White) and Uncommon (Green) Research and Development Materials - These items are very cheap and are not withdrawn by members often so they just end up taking up space that could be used for more valuable materials.
  • Common (White) Consumables – Common food items, batteries, hypo sprays, etc. Basically, anything that can be bought cheaply from a vender on ESD has no place in the fleet bank.
  • Common (White) Gear - Common gear, such as weapons, shields, consoles, armor, etc., are cheap and very easy to obtain, there is no point in them taking up space that could be used for better gear.
DO NOT deposit any prohibited items; members caught doing so will receive a warning from an officer. A storage log records all activity on the fleet bank, so we can easily see who is doing what. Remember, items you deposit should be items you think will be useful to other members. It’s the fleet bank, not a trash can.

Depositing Items – Items not on the Prohibited list are acceptable for donation to the fleet bank depository, but we do ask that members try to be mindful of what they’re donating and what is already in the bank. While not prohibited, most Uncommon (Green) and Rare (Blue) gear will likely be sold immediately to make way for Very Rare (Purple) gear depending on how much space is available. Stackable items, such as consumables and lockboxes, will also probably be sold immediately if there is already at least a full stack that specific item in the bank. That said, members should never feel discouraged from donating items to the bank; anything not on the Prohibited list is acceptable. All energy credits earned from selling fleet bank items are deposited back into the fleet bank by the Assets Department.

Bank Layout - Below is the current bank tab layout and a brief description of each tab’s purpose. The fleet bank layout is always subject to change depending on the needs of fleet.
  • Depository - All Items are deposited by members here to be sorted by the Assets Department. Members cannot withdraw items from this tab.
  • Space Gear - Space weapons, consoles, space devices/consumables, and anything else that can be equipped to a player’s starship can be found here.
  • Ground Gear - Pistols, rifles, kit frames and modules, ground devices/consumables, and anything else that can be equipped to a player’s captain or away team can be found here.
  • Training Manuals and BOffs - Bridge Officers and the manuals to train them can be found here.
  • R&D Mats and Other Commodities - Materials used for crafting, tech upgrades, items for DOff missions, and anything else can be found here.
  • Party/Event Prizes 1 - Rare and valuable items are kept here to be used as prizes for future fleet events. Accessible by officers only.
  • Party/Event Prizes 2 - Rare and valuable items are kept here to be used as prizes for future fleet events. Accessible by officers only.
  • Party/Event Prizes 3 - Rare and valuable items are kept here to be used as prizes for future fleet events. Accessible by officers only.
Fleet Chat
Fleet chat is there for all members to enjoy. Please keep in mind that some people hold different values than others, and it is not our place to judge or question them when this happens. Our goal is to keep fleet chat as user-friendly and family-friendly as possible, within reason. We strive for a "PG-13" atmosphere. Also remember that other fleetmates may not be alone in the room when playing, and we don't want to leave a bad impression on anyone.

Everyone is expected to follow the Code of Conduct in the fleet chat (and everywhere else for that matter). In addition to these rules, there are a few special considerations outlined below.
  • Most of us are going to tell the occasional dirty joke, say a swear word, or say something along those lines once in awhile. While we want everyone to have fun, please try to keep highly-offensive material out of the chat as much as you can. If you do happen to offend someone, please apologize and tone it down a bit (remember the "PG-13" level). We're all fleetmates, and we will make mistakes. Just take the mature road when you realize that you might have messed up and offended someone. If you feel someone is being too sensitive about fleet chat (e.g. expecting a "G" level chat instead of a "PG-13", you may speak privately to an officer about the situation. Likewise, if a member is acting outside of the PG-13 boundaries, refusing to stop, and you'd like to report him/her, please privately notify an officer.
  • If you observe someone abusing or spamming fleet chat, or saying inappropriate things, feel free to privately message them and ask them to stop. Try to only use PMs to avoid embarrassing someone and/or blowing something way out of proportion. If you do message someone and they ignore you or insult you, notify an officer and we'll handle it. Keep in mind that a high-level abuse of fleet chat can cause you to be kicked from the fleet without warning, especially spam.
Fleet Project Contributions & Provision Access
There are no specific policies that require a member to contribute to fleet projects in order to have fleet membership. However, if you expect to gain access to fleet provisions and bank assets, we do have a minimum contributions requirement to protect our fleet assets and ensure they are available to those that helped to earn them. As explained on the Fleet Ranks page, new members start at the Cadet rank. Cadet rank does not have any provision or bank access. To be promoted above Cadet (i.e. to a rank with bank and provision access), a member must fullfill conditions highlighted in Fleet Ranks page. The total contributions mentioned are shown as your "Overall Holding Contribution" on the fleet roster in-game. The "Overall Holding Contribution" total shown on the roster takes into account all contributions made whether to Starbase, Embassy, Dilithium Mine, etc...

Other important fleet policies regarding contributions:
  • Every member of the fleet has a right to contribute to fleet projects. With a fleet as large as ours, we have a very large number of members contributing to projects, which can result in open projects filling up fast. We have no control over this. We will never limit contributions or stop those who are able to contribute from doing so, regardless of their contribution history. It might be a little too much like a lottery, but it's something we can't change.
  • It is also important for all of our members to understand that the advancement of our fleet holdings (Starbase, Embassy, Dil Mine, etc.) is a team effort. Whether you are contributing one doff or 100, it is all helping. We do not give special recognition to the "leader board" because it is not a good gauge of how much an individual is actually helping. For an example, it is much more helpful to contribute duty officers than dilithium, but the payout of fleet credits for doffs is far less than dilithium.
Fleet Activity - Maintaining Membership
Fleets in STO are limited to only 500 members, and we are constantly hitting that restriction. In order to maintain an active fleet, we will sometimes do a roster cleanup and remove inactive members to make room for new recruits. Thus, we have a minimum requirement on maintaining membership, which depends on the rank held by the member in question. Please see the Fleet Ranks page for specific details on each rank activity requirement.

This is considered per-character for all non-officer members (so you must log in each fleet character individually).

If a member is removed from the fleet due to inactivity and there are open slots on the fleet roster, the removed member may rejoin once they resume playing the game. Simply contact an officer for a reinvite.

Character Limit
We are one of the most active fleets in the game, we are constantly hitting the restriction of 500 characters in the fleet. Hence to support a maximum number of players, we restrict the number of toons or characters to THREE per account

The additional toons each player have is accommodated in our secondary fleet. Players are welcome to change their toons between fleets, keeping only three toons in the main fleet.

There is no restriction of number of toons/characters a player can have in the secondary fleet. However, it is a must to have at least one toon in the main fleet for administration purposes

Invitations for additional toons and Reinvite procedures
* If you submit a request to be re-invited/add an alt to an AD/NT fleet, we ask you to be ready for the fleet invite.

* Make sure you have the auto-decline fleet invitations option in your game turned off, otherwise we won't be able to invite you.

* Understand that the officers might be busy and might need you to wait for a few minutes so that they can jump to the right fleet to invite you.

* Please communicate your expectations clearly. If you cannot wait, are otherwise indisposed, or cannot complete the invitation process for any reason, please say so. Don't disappear or expect us to search for you.

* Be specific as to which fleet you're requesting an invite for. Don't just say Fed fleet or KDF fleet. Remember, we have five fleets under our command (AD, AD2, AD-TFS6 on the Federation side and NT, and NT2 on the KDF side) and it really speeds things up when we know where you want to go.

We realize that sometimes stuff happens that may force people to go offline or be otherwise unavailable, but we have seen a number of these incidents where members were still online and just went on to do something else.

Being a huge fleet with thousands of active characters going in and out, Personnel management takes a lot of time out of our play time. Those rules are necessary for smooth operations. And we feel that they also represent a legitimate minimal expectation of respectful conduct between fleet members and towards the Fleet Officers who are all voluntarily sacrificing some of their game time to ensure our Fleets operate efficiently.

We do consider that failure to adhere to these rules is the equivalent of not respecting fellow fleet members and abusing fleet services, especially if repeated and followed by a failure to communicate. As with all disciplinary measures, we will apply a gradual and proportionate disciplinary process in those cases, from being watchlisted to warnings to removal from the fleet. But again, clear and open communications will dispel any ambiguity as to your intentions and is required in those cases where the re-invite does not work.


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