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Fleet Ranks

All regular fleet members hold standard rank. Fleet officers hold staff rank, the top four available fleet ranks. Here are the fleet ranks explained:
  • Cadet - This rank is reserved for players who are in the process of being recruited. Once all the recruitment administration has been completed, new fleet members will be promoted automatically to Vice Admiral with all the rights and privileges of that rank.

  • Vice Admiral - The standard rank or the "regular member" rank of our fleet. This rank means you are an official member of the fleet and have the ability to use all fleet provisions and designated fleet bank slot items. Promotion to this rank is automatic once you've joined the fleet.

    Vice Admirals are removed from the fleet after thirty (30) days of consecutive inactivity (based on last log-in date within the game).

  • Senior Admiral - This honorary rank is reserved for helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable members that go out of their way to assist other members and the fleet with any problems or questions they have in regards to gameplay. Senior Admirals do more than the average regular member in the fleet, have been around a while, and are a proven asset to the fleet. Senior Admirals are not fleet officers. However, they typically have a greater knowledge of game mechanics and are looked upon as good group leaders for STF and fleet content. Senior Admirals are granted the same rights as Vice Admirals as well as the ability to use officer fleet chat to help coordinate fleet activities such as 20 man events and also as feedback channel for the officers. They also have increased fleet bank withdraw limits. Promotion to this rank is given at the discretion of the fleet staff and is NOT determined by any single factor.

    Senior Admirals are removed from the fleet after forty five (45) days of consecutive inactivity (based on last log-in date within the game).

    This rank is persistent; a Senior Admiral will never be demoted except for disciplinary action, even if the member comes back to the fleet after a long period of inactivity.

  • Ambassador (Amb) - Ambassadors are the entry level fleet officers. They have permission to do various fleet tasks, such as invite members to the fleet and set contribution projects. They are encouraged to participate/review fleet staff discussions (with Staff Officers, the First Officer, and/or the Fleet Commander), but they are not required to do so. In general they are required to have adequate fleet and game awareness. Ambassadors are also not required to occupy any Staff Position within the fleet, unlike Staff Officers. They are simply expected to be very trustworthy and help fleetmates wherever possible with officer-related requests (e.g. invites to fleet, invites to chat, setting contribution projects, etc.).

    Ambassador rank is also granted to senior officers who has earned their place, and is not fully active, a semi-retirement rank. In addition Ambassador rank is also a rank for officers who are more involved with the Sister fleets, a rank for a true Ambassador.

    Senior Admirals may approach a senior staff member if willing to become an Ambassador, or submit an application. SOs and senior staff will nominate potential SOs as Ambs. Current Ambs are encouraged to look for other potential officers and suggest it to senior staff

    Ambassadors are demoted to Senior Admiral after thirty (30) days of consecutive inactivity either in game or in fleet website (based on last log-in date within the game, and last login date on the fleet forums). If an advance notice is given, this limit may be extended from thirty (30) days to sixty (60) days of consecutive inactivity. In addition, Ambs who are not active continuously ingame for extended periods, even if they have logged to the game on occasion, will be considered inactive.The rank is semi-persistent with the limitation that an Ambassador may only be reinstated (after inactivity) a maximum of one time. After the second removal for inactivity, the Ambassador will be returned to Senior Admiral permanently. They may be reconsidered for the Amb rank at the discretion of the existing staff.

  • Staff Officer (SO) - Staff Officers are the primary officers of the fleet. Their job is shape fleet policy and ensure it is executed appropriately. Each Staff Officer must hold at least one Staff Position, which can be thought of as a "department". Although SOs must pay attention to the fleet on a whole, their focus is mostly dedicated to their "department". They attend meetings with the First Officer and Fleet Commander to make major fleet decisions or changes based on general observations and/or feedback they have received from the fleet.

    Being a Staff Officer is a job that you don't get paid for, but love doing--these officers have a "passion" for the fleet. This rank requires consistent effort towards fleet leadership and an extreme amount of trust. Staff Officers must keep up with their duties or return to Ambassador until such time they can resume as Staff Officer.

    Staff Officers are demoted to Ambassadors after fifteen (15) days of consecutive inactivity (based on last log-in date within the game, and last login date on the fleet forums). If an advance notice is given, this limit may be extended from fifteen (15) days to forty-five (45) days of consecutive inactivity. In addition, Staff Officers may be returned to Ambassador at any time if the First Officer and/or Fleet Commander feel it is in the best interest of the fleet.

    Senior staff will evaluate the Potential SOs and assign duties, with the help of the current SOs. Appointment to rank of SO will be evaluated by the First Officer and/or Fleet Commander based on fleet requirements.

  • First Officer (FO) - The second-highest rank in the fleet. The First Officer is the senior staff member responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the fleet. They will monitor and assist Staff Officers to accomplish the fleet objectives set for each Staff Position. In rare situations, they may "fill in" for a Staff Officer that is absent or under-performing. The First Officer will report to the Fleet Commander as frequently as needed to discuss any relevant fleet issues/concerns that need to be addressed.

  • Fleet Commander (FC) - The top rank for the fleet. The Fleet Commander has complete control over every aspect of the fleet, and their word is final on all matters. With the assistance of the First Officer, they ensure that the fleet is moving in a forward direction by establishing appropriate policy and selecting dedicated staff members.
  • New recruits (Cadets) are promoted automatically to Vice Admiral once they've joined the fleet and all the recruitment administration has been completed.
  • Promotions to Senior Admiral rank are determined by many factors. Things such as activity, good attitude, recommendations, helpfulness, fleet interaction, teamwork, and an individual's portrayal of interest to be more involved are taken into account. Promotion to this rank happens when an officer nominates the member for promotion. The entire staff will vote on the promotion and if the member receives a majority vote in-favor of promotion, they will receive the promotion. These nominations and votes happen behind-the-scenes, so a member will not be notified of any pending promotion until it passes approval of the staff.
  • Promotion to a staff rank requires being nominated (or an application from a senior admiral) and approval from the existing staff members. Approval is subject to a variety of factors including applicant history and fleet requirements at the time of application.

Staff Positions/Departments

Staff Officers are assigned to a certain Department. Departments are jointly operated by Access Denied and Naw'Tem. Some officers function as Staff officers of both Access Denied and Naw'Tem. The officers that do not function as Staff Officers of the sister fleet still share the responsibility for the integrated management of Access Denied/Naw'Tem family of fleets. For each Department both Access Denied and Naw'Tem assigns at least one officer. For a list of the Staff Officers who are currently occupying these positions in the respective departments, please visit our Fleet Officers page.
  • Recruiter/Recruitment Department - Recruiters are responsible for encouraging all officers to be involved in recruitment process and also recruiting new people into the fleet. The responsibilities also include getting new members invited to the chat/voice channel, and sending them a fleet welcome mail. Recruiters will also typically work with Public Relations Officers and the First Officer to drive and improve fleet policy related to recruiting and public image. Recruiters are also responsible for monitoring fleet activity levels and report it to senior staff

  • Personnel Officer/Personnel Department - Responsible for maintaining information related to the member base, including channel sync/cleanups, Cadet promotions at the appropriate qualification level, invitation/cleanup/promotion of alts based on our alt policies, and basic disciplinary issues (sending warnings, ensuring proper forums reporting, periodic checks to ensure banned members haven't made it back in fleet, etc.). This also includes the same responsibilities within our alt fleets (e.g. AD2), in accordance with our policies.

  • Assets Officer/Assets Management Department - Responsible for managing fleet assets, including bank cleanups, project setting and planning, provision/holdings management, and encouraging fleet contribution (e.g. donating to projects, donating to fleet bank, etc.). This does not include asset management within secondary fleets (e.g. AD2), however Assets Officers may use the Secondary fleet bank for storage after communicating with the Secondary Fleet Admin Officers or senior staff

  • Events Officer/Event Management Department - Responsible for planning, promoting, and organizing major fleet events, including periodic parties and giveaways. This also includes assisting other members with normal "scheduled events" (e.g. STFs, missions, etc.) and providing oversight to such "scheduled events" when necessary.

  • Educator/Education Department - Responsible for managing fleet-wide education of game- and fleet-related content, including management of and contribution to our Academy knowledge base, running educational missions/games (possibly in conjunction with other staff members doing normal "scheduled events" ), and answering related questions from fleetmates (on the forums, in the game, etc.). Educators will typically work with the First Officer to drive and improve fleet policy related to member activity/involvement.

  • Public Relations Officer/Public Relations Department - Responsible for managing the fleet's community involvements including STO forums, social media (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and interactions with other fleets. This may include top-level direction of the fleet's public image, and/or working closely with Recruiters/Educators to keep AD member participation and retention at acceptable levels.

  • Admin Officer/Administration Department - Admin Officers are responsible for helping with other issues that do not fall into any of the above Staff Positions, and/or assisting the above Staff Positions with their duties. The Department also consists of Senior Staff of Both fleets, and a senior staff member is assigned Admin Officer status of the sister fleet by default. Administration Department are directly responsible for creation and maintenance of fleet policies and objectives. Typically, Administration Department oversee all other departments and help contribute to all other Staff Positions. Admin Officer is generally the most appropriate track to First Officer rank. Other miscellaneous responsibilities may include updates to the fleet website and other non-game assets, depending on the capability of the officer.

  • Secondary Fleet Admin Officer/Secondary Fleet Administration Department - Responsible for general management of the secondary fleets, typically limited to assets management of the secondary fleet and communications. These officers do not hold direct responsibilities in the main fleet

  • Fleet Liaison Officer (FLO) - The senior officer representing the opposite fraction sister fleet in the staff ranks. These officers are required to have adequate knowledge about the operation of all fleets in the Access Denied/Naw'Tem family of fleets and is the officer that advocate issues on behalf of the sister fleet and be responsible for maintaining interest and operational support across both fleets. These Officers are appointed by the senior leadership of the sister fleet, with the approval of the senior leadership of the fleet and the # of officers are limited to a maximum of two. The position is currently suspended. The FLO activities are currently fulfilled by Administration Department

  • Fleet Mentor - Fleet Mentors are responsible for new officer induction, officer & member counselling, resolving conflicts that does not fall within the scope of CoC, helping new member and officers to understand CoC and OCoC and officer character building help. Fleet Mentors have perfect understanding of CoC and is also responsible for making sure the fleet operates within its vision. They help Administration Department when major policy changes takes place.

  • Task Force Sierra Six Staff Officer/Task Force Sierra Six Administration Department - Task Force Sierra Six is the 5th member fleet in Access Denied/Naw'Tem family of fleets. TFS6 is managed with the help of TFS6 Admin dept. These officers oversees the TFS6 recruitment, assets management, and personnel management. These officers may hold different ranks in he main fleet


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