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» Affiliated Fleets

Fleet Association Structure

Access Denied and Naw'Tem have the following Relationships defined to recognize the fleets they are associated with
  • Founding Fleets - The fleets that were first developed for the two factions in STO universe by the first senior officers/founders of the fleets. Namely this is Access Denied and Naw'Tem

  • Affiliated Fleets - Fleets developed/created by a different set of leaders. These fleets share many fleet management aspects with the Founding fleets. Also, an Affiliated Fleet follows similar policies to AD/NT including Code of Conduct and also shares staff members. However, the Affiliated fleet has a different executive level leadership. These fleets, has agreed to follow the definitions/policies defined in "Affiliated Fleets Charter", which are explained below.

  • Armada/Allied Fleets - In general these are the fleets in Access Denied and Naw'Tem Armadas, which are not Affiliated fleets or Asset Fleets. All these fleets agree to follow Armada Code of Conduct and guidelines in Armada Memorandum of Understanding. these fleets has strong diplomatic ties with Access Denied/Naw'Tem family of fleets
    Visit Armada Page for details

  • Asset Fleets - Fleets that are owned by the any of the above fleets. These may be secondary fleets, auxiliary fleets or another fleet declared an asset by the leadership of a primary fleet

  • Friend - A fleet/group/community that is known to Access Denied and Naw'Tem, who are associated with officially or unofficially. These communities have shown interest in associating with Access Denied and Naw'Tem family of fleets and has similar ideals. Also, these communities are associated for mutual benefits of belonging to a larger community

Affiliated Fleet Charter

Affiliated Fleets of Access Denied and Naw'Tem Family of Fleets agree to the following charter. If the Affiliated Fleet is also an Armada Fleet, anything written in this document would override any conflicting policy agreed as an Armada fleet.
  • Code of Conduct (CoC) - Affiliated Fleet agrees to fully adopt AD/NT CoC and uphold the underlying principles in the document. Any relevant explanations/training of the CoC to be provided to Affiliated Fleet upon its initial induction, by AD/NT for proper execution of the CoC.

  • Officer Code of Conduct (OCoC) - Affiliated Fleet agrees to fully adopt AD/NT OCoC. AD/NT to provide adequate training/advise on officer selection and provide explanations/training of the OCoC.

  • Affiliated Fleet Policy - Once Agreed to become an Affiliated Fleet, any internal policy that is formulated by the Affiliated Fleet will be formulated in a manner that does not violate the core principles of AD/NT; respect, nondiscrimination and good behavior. Also, all policies will ensure CoC is not violated.

  • Member Discipline - AD/NT and Affiliated Fleet will be 100% collaborating in enforcement of CoC. AD/NT to advise/train Affiliated Fleet officers on operating procedures related to CoC Enforcement.
    Under Member Discipline the following roles are identified.

    • Member discipline in Affiliated Fleet chat channels is the sole responsibility of Affiliated Fleet Leadership. However, Affiliated Fleet may ask experienced AD/NT Officers to help with member discipline if necessary, especially during its first few months after joining.

    • Member discipline in AD/NT chat channels (fleet chat, AD/NT chat channel) is the sole responsibility of AD/NT leadership. Affiliated Fleet Staff is invited to AD/NT for operational and observational purposes and AD/NT staff may ask for help from Affiliated Fleet staff if necessary.

    • Member discipline in AD/NT Fiends channel and Armada channel, primary responsibility lies with AD/NT staff, however, if an Affiliated Fleet member is banned from these channels Affiliated Fleet will be required to ban that person form the fleet. (This rule is different to Armada fleets, where they are not required to ban these members)

    • Affiliated Fleet will be required to report all member discipline actions in the member enforcement forums sections, there are no exceptions to this rule. AD/NT staff is required to do this as part of their duty.

    • Affiliated Fleet is to help maintain the ban list by; not inviting any banned members to the fleet/chat channels/Voice chat/etc and by informing disciplinary actions to All staff. All members banned in AD/NT should be banned in Affiliated Fleet and vice versa, in other words there will be only one ban list. Affiliated Fleet may maintain their own watch list. Affiliated Fleet if banning any member should inform AD/NT senior leadership, so that executive level functions could be carried out. By reporting in Member Enforcement section this action is by-default taken care of.

    • The final decision of any internal ban of a Affiliated Fleet member lies with Affiliated Fleet leadership, and similarly, AD/NT senior leadership will make the final call on AD/NT banned members. Once finalized, these members will be added to the Ban list.

  • Operational Integrity - AD/NT and Affiliated Fleets will maintain the operational integrity and awareness between the fleets by following actions/policies

    • Several common staff forum sections will be maintained to ensure adequate awareness is maintained in common functions.

    • Officer exchange program - AT/NT officers posted to Affiliated fleets ranks: an appropriate number of AD/NT officers will be posted to positions within all affiliated fleets to support the integration of the affiliated fleets with the AD/NT family, its policies, and community spirit.

    • Officer exchange program - Affiliated fleet officers posted to AD/NT ranks: AD/NT fleets will consider affiliated fleets officers for positions according to the established officer appointment criteria for knowledge, experience, confidence, etc. Earning a posting to an AD/NT officer position will require demonstrated ability in one of the affiliated fleets as well as sufficient participation in and knowledge of AD/NT fleets.

    • Both AD/NT and Affiliated Fleet senior leadership are obliged to encourage/recommend all staff to consider becoming members of the other fleet (even if you cannot be officers), such that we create adequate awareness and also if necessary there is an experienced officer in the lower ranks who can step in and help.

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03/23/2019 12:38
The Empress in Discovery has me in tears rite now LOL that woman is THA DEVIL IN HEELS!!

03/23/2019 04:58
Less than 24 hours left for Tacoma https://www.rockp.

03/21/2019 11:06
I have placed discovery on my probation list!

03/21/2019 11:04
Well... my theory was very close. But they surprised me.

03/21/2019 09:23
Tacoma and Oxenfree are free, get them quick. https://www.rockp.

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