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Access Denied/Naw'Tem Armada

Access Denied and Naw'Tem are premier fleets in STO. Hence it is with great pride that we lead Access Denied Armada and Naw'Tem Armada. Access Denied and Naw'Tem Armadas are dedicated to uphold the same principles of respect, non-discrimination and good behaviour that the fleets were first founded upon. Also we thank all the Armada member fleets for joining us to achieve our goals through communal harmony.

Access Denied/Naw'Tem Armadas Chat Channel Code of Conduct
  • Observe a general "PG-13" demeanor while participating publically in chat. Excessive swearing, disrespect, sexual content are not allowed.
  • Fully respect every participant in the chat and behave in a mature manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, respectfully chatting with other players, giving positive advice instead of destructive criticism, being fair in inviting to STFs and also avoiding any "elitism" feelings.
  • Access Denied/Naw'Tem Armadas have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to discrimination. This includes, but is not limited to, any discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, nationality, sexual identity or orientation, creed, etc.
  • Refrain from any kind of drama. Drama is usually unnecessary, so please do not create any.
Memorandum of Understanding between Armada Partners/Allies
  • Fully respect and follow the agreed Code of Conduct
  • Alpha or beta fleets shall not restrict other fleets growth.
  • Fleet leaders/officers of each fleet are responsible for ensuring that Code of Conduct is followed by fleet members.
  • There are passive fleets, but we do not encourage totally inactive fleets in this armada and each fleet must do its due diligence for the growth of itself and the Armada as a whole.
  • The alpha fleets do not restrict member movement within the Armada, If a fleet feels they want to restrict member movement it should be done within the fleet itself.
  • Fleets agree to share any intelligence related to banned personal or any "names of trouble makers" with other fleets in the Armada. However, "how" or "if" to take actions regards to these listed people in another fleet is decided by each fleet individually.

Access Denied Armada
  • Alpha Fleet
    • Access Denied
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: Click Here

  • Beta Fleets
    • Access Denied - Task Force Sierra Six
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: Click Here

    • The Varden
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @celticjedi      

    • Federation Bushrangers
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @stark_STO      Website

  • Gamma Fleets
    • Access Denied-2
    • Recruitment Status: Closed       Contact: Click Here

    • Task Force Sierra
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @khamseen or @flacks0      Website

    • Manticora
    • Recruitment Status: Closed       Contact: @ccso14      

    • Babylon Rising
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @saelker      

    • Starfleet Fringe Division
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @icewater18     

    • Omega Primary
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @blakes7      

    • Alliance Central Command
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R      

    • 1. Sternenflotte
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @mcevergreen      

    • 501st Strike Fleet
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @@onethousandsons      

Naw'Tem Armada
  • Alpha Fleet
    • Naw'Tem
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: Click Here

  • Beta Fleets
    • Imperial Legion
    • Recruitment Status: Limited       Contact: @john98837      

    • House of Ta'al
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @reb_dave      

    • House of Varden
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @whicky1978   @bajamutt      

  • Gamma Fleets
    • Naw'Tem'Cha
    • Recruitment Status: Closed       Contact: Click Here

    • Tal Shiar Fleet Operations
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @thor2014     

    • Warriors of Stovokor
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @happ2       @theadus1

    • Imperial Bushrangers
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @stark_STO      Website

    • S.P.E.C.T.U.R.E.
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @ultimateheathen     

    • boq botlhra'ghom
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R      

    • 1. Klingonischer Orden
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @mcevergreen      

    • Orden R'usstai
    • Recruitment Status: Limited       Contact: @Crimsonoa      

    • House of Waffles
    • Recruitment Status: Open       Contact: @sueseht     


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03/23/2019 12:38
The Empress in Discovery has me in tears rite now LOL that woman is THA DEVIL IN HEELS!!

03/23/2019 04:58
Less than 24 hours left for Tacoma https://www.rockp.

03/21/2019 11:06
I have placed discovery on my probation list!

03/21/2019 11:04
Well... my theory was very close. But they surprised me.

03/21/2019 09:23
Tacoma and Oxenfree are free, get them quick. https://www.rockp.

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