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» Awards

Fleet Awards

Access Denied and Naw'Tem awards the following, in recognition of its members who has served the fleet. Most awards are presented each year during Access Denied’s anniversary week, first week of April. Naw'Tem only awards are awarded during Naw'Tem's anniversary week after 15th June.
Fleet Commanders are not entitled to awards, unless the awards are presented prior to attaining the rank and if a former Fleet Commander currently holds a different rank

If you'd like to apply for an award for yourself or a fellow member pls use the link below
  • Access Denied Medal of Honor/Naw'Tem Medal of Honor

    This is the highest fleet honour given to any officer or member. This is awarded for exceptional service to the fleet, longevity, self-sacrifice and upholding fleet principles at all costs. These are the individuals that stood for the fleet when the chips were down, and they are always ready to take one for the fleet. The fleet first guys, who have sacrificed both game time and real life time and made the effort to make the fleet a success.
    The award is determined/judged by the Fleet Commander.

  • Medal of Valor/Medal of toDuj

    This medal is awarded to officers who have served the fleet with distinction with self-sacrifice, who has now retired form officer duties or is planning to retire in the near future.
    Has had to be an officer of the fleet for atleast 2+ years prior to retirement. Has had to show exceptional commitment to the fleet management.

  • Member of the Year Award

    In recognition of the excellent service to the Access Denied and Naw'Tem Family of fleets, whether its participation of fleet activities or helping fleet management. This is the individual who stood above the rest to make a difference in the fleet. This is awarded every calendar year.

  • Arrest Altruist Award

    Named after the Access Denied Founder Arrest@joeplante, this member only award is presented to those who have volunteered with excellence over the years to make Access Denied and Naw'Tem family of fleets a happy place. Member volunteers, and officers who volunteered when they are regular members are considered for this award.
    Volunteering here by is defined as helping to organize/manage fleet sponsored activities.

  • Legion of Merit/Order of the Bat'leth

    This is exclusively awarded to officers of the fleet for their extended and dedicated service to the fleet.
    Qualifications include; being an officer for 3+ years without extended breaks, breaks form game due to serious RL situations are not considered.

  • Legion of Honor/Order of Kahless

    These are the people who have been with us always. The award is given to members who have been with Access Denied/Naw'Tem 4+ years with good conduct and no extended breaks. Anyone who completes 4+ years by May 31st in Access Denied and August 31st in Naw'Tem each year will be considered for this award.

  • Legion of Access Denied/Order of Naw'Tem

    For members who have been with Access Denied/Naw'Tem 3+ years with good conduct and no extended breaks. Anyone who completes 3+ years by March 31st in Access Denied and July 31st in Naw'Tem each year will be considered for this award.

  • Legion of Fame

    For distinguished retired officers who have served either Access Denied or Naw'Tem with distinction during their commission.
    These officers are recognized separately in the Member Memoriam


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12/12/2017 01:53
Free Grim Fandango Remastered. Very funny adventure game I loved.

12/08/2017 05:00
It can be but I mainly just design my own ships in it xD

12/08/2017 02:30
Looks fun

12/08/2017 02:21
There are also mods you can add: https://forum.cos.

12/08/2017 02:19
Since STO is down, I thought I'd introduce you guys/gals to a different game that I've been playing in my spare time: https://cosmoteer.

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